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Adapted Feeding Utensil

The adapted spoon project was started in March 2015. The project aims to develop and adapted feeding utensil for a resident who lives at the foundation with Cornelia de Lange syndrome. 

For the past year the students of Design for 90 have been working on designing a personal feeding device for the resident. The goal of the project is for the resident to feel independent while eating and to have a sense of accomplishment being that she can do it herself. The team has come far since the beginning of the designing process but will continue to strive for a better and more suitable design for the resident.

Over the summer we aim to gain insight from the nurses who feed the resident when using the device. We understand that this might be troublesome in the beginning but we hope that she can adapt.

Adapted feeding utensilExploded view of utensil



For more information about the Adapted Feeding Utensil contact Emily Payne, the project manager at