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Wearable Adaptive Remote

The Adaptive Remote is designed to be worn by being placed on the user's chest.  This allows for a person with limited mobility and/or dexterity in their hands to easily operate the remote.  The buttons are designed to be large enough that the user should not have to use an individual finger for normal operation like a standard TV remote.  Since this product is intended for use for people with limited dexterity, the remote layout needs to be intuitive yet spread out so multiple buttons are not accidentally contacted at once. Currently, the remote buttons will be designed to be embedded in a bib to prevent the electronics from being damaged from harsh physical use or possible spill damage.

The past semester we were working towards a finished prototype.  Unfortunately this goal was not realized.  We made great strides in determining the IR technology necessary for normal remote operation.  Other main issues included designing buttons, button placement, button enclosures, and remote ergonomics.  Early this coming semester we expect to have a prototype bib created that can be brought to Heinzerling for functionality and ergonomics testing.

image of prototype, buttons arranged in 6x5 grid